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Financial Assistance at Cottage Hospital

Our Patient Financial Services Department is available to assist patients with questions about bills, as well as questions regarding financial aid.  

We are available between 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. For help with Financial Assistance, email [email protected] or call (603) 747-9220.

As part of the financial counseling application process, our team will assess each applicant's potential eligibility for health insurance coverage through federal or state programs to include New Hampshire Medicaid. The financial counseling staff will assist patients in applying for any program that they are eligible for. Financial or medical documentation may be necessary to secure such insurance coverage.

Cottage Hospital works hard to make quality health care not only available and affordable, but accessible to all regardless of ability to pay. As a result, we offer many financial assistance and referral programs to ensure that cost will not be a barrier to our community members requiring health care services. If payment of health care expenses creates a financial hardship, our staff will work with patients to apply for medical financial assistance such as Cottage Care as outlined below. Information collected from each patient is confidential, and is only reviewed by staff processing your application.

Cottage Care Financial Aid Program.

Cottage Hospital has developed a charity care program called Cottage Care to assist patients with limited financial resources address costs related to health care services. Patients with limited financial resources may apply for Cottage Care. 

Our complete Cottage Care Policy can be viewed by clicking on the links below. A brief plain language summary of our policy can be found in Appendix H below. 

Appendix A – Amount Generally Billed

Appendix B – Services Not Eligible for Cottage Care

Appendix C – Fee Reduction Guidelines

Appendix D – Other Provider Plans Accepted

Appendix E – Annual Income Guidelines

Appendix F – Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix G – Cottage Care Application

Appendix H – Cottage Care Plain Language Summary